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Anna Fagan

Theatre and Film Actress

Ape Canyon Teaser Trailer
I Like Me
Anna Fagan - Clip from 'Ape Canyon'
Bird's Eye Short Film Trailer
Anna Fagan Acting Reel 2015
Anna Fagan - Clip from 'I Like Me'
Anna Fagan - Musical Theatre Reel
Lotus Eyes Festival Teaser
MindInMotion Demo Reel
Beneath the Tree | A Short Film
Behind the Scenes of "Beneath the Tree"
Bad Witch Trailer (Horror Comedy witchcraft movie)

"Fagan is simply beautiful to watch. Perfectly real ... she is just magical."

DC Metro Theater Arts

"As Christine Daae...Anna Fagan possesses that lilting, crucial soprano voice that befits her character. She acts the part lovingly and convincingly as if Kopit wrote it with her in mind. And when she sings, her voice is rich, passionate and appealing. Her clear, musical articulation and power is combined to wonderful effect."

From the Desk of Jim R, Take 2

"Having seen her at Brookfield Theatre for the Arts' Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, I knew then that she was something special. But as Catherine, she delivers a performance that is at times aching and at others, tender. She is both young and vulnerable as well as tough and beyond her years, and always engagingly authentic."

Someday Productions LLC and Pillow Talking

"Anna Fagan is a tour de force as she spills her torrent of verbiage throughout the entire first act. She plays her Maggie with a full sense of knowing what she wants and how she is going to get it."

Elizabeth Young

Newtown Bee


Last seen in Rockville, MD.

Willing to travel for work!

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